VIDEO: Gaza Under Siege – Israel/Palestine ( OBS 2001!!! ) & US AID!

One of the most densely populated places on earth, the Gaza Strip is home to over a million Palestinians – and is a virtual prison. Just 43 kilometres long and 10 kilometres wide, most of its residents are refugees who’ve lived in camps since 1948. Since the Palestinian uprising – the second Intifada – began in September 2000, none of Gaza’s 40,000 day labourers have been able to cross the border to Israel. The checkpoint is also closed to all goods and medical supplies coming in from Israel and the West Bank. Local Gazans bear the brunt of Israel’s determination to quash the uprising. Some 135 Palestinian children under the age of 15 have been killed by Israel’s soldiers – for throwing stones at checkpoints near Israeli settlements. In this episode, Life visits Reyidh and Sabah and their children – just one refugee family trying to cope.

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US military aid underpins Gaza offensive – 31 Dec 08

51 Documents: Zionist Collaboration With the Nazis

I had to crack up when I saw the one star reviews on this book. That’s the grassroots portion of the Israel Lobby voicing its objection to truth again, (they do that A LOT). It’s also an excellent indication the book, film or information you’re seeking is exactly what you need to read. I first ran into this

The Lobby is out in force

The book on Jews Against Zionism, the Torah True Jews of New York who are 100% anti-apartheid, (Israel is the world’s only aparthied nation today. They call it ‘Zionism’). One of the tools used to keep apartheid alive and well in Israel is, as Norm Finkelstein put it, the Holocaust Industry. Yes, the German holocaust happened…as did another seven during the twentieth century. The Zionist movement set on the complete conquest of Palestine for a Jewish supremacist state did work with the Nazis. These documents prove it as do such facts as Walburg’s handling of security for the Nazi state until 1939, (his brother was one of the founding members of our Federal Reserve). Walburg, though Jewish was allowed to leave Nazi Germany with his fortune in tact in 1939 so certain influential Jews were shielded from Nazi oppression. You should be asking why. These documents will help you understand the double standard. Of course be careful where you discuss this. In some countries, deviating from the accepted historical revisionism with the truth on this issue, the German holocaust, lands you in jail. That is if you talk about the 50% of the victims who were Jewish. See, the Catholics, Mentally Ill, homosexuals, Gypsies, Communists and handicap making up the other 50% of victims, they don’t matter anymore.
They were not the right faith, nor were they included in reparations and rarely are they mentioned…even in the state funded holocaust museums. (Hint that also should give you a clue there is something very unkosher about this whole thing…that 50% of the victims no longer are mentioned or matter)

If history has lessons, you need to know these. Just be very careful with whom you discuss this book’s details. Trillions of dollars depend on the truth not getting out because if it does, the world’s greatest victims are shown for what they really are, the world’s foremost victimizers.

If that happens, bye, bye US support; bye bye US aid; bye bye protection from war crimes prosecution and bye, bye what little international sympathy that is left. Like I said. A lot is at stake if people learn the whole truth about the German holocaust. Today truth will land you in jail and that fear is used to censor your thoughts and what you read. Another reason you probably want to read this book.

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