From Durban II With No Love

News of Western diplomats walking out during a speech made by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the president of Iran, in protest over his criticism of the State of Israel and its Zionist culture made me pause. A day before the conference convened, the newly elected Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Ahmadinejad, declared that he won’t negotiate with the Palestinians until they accept and recognize Israel as a Jewish State for the Jewish people. If this is not racism, I do not know what is.

Ahmadinejad is a controversial figure for denying the Holocaust and other remarks. His unusually extensive list of sworn enemies around the globe range from Israel and the US to Arab leaders in Saudi Arabia and Egypt, and from gay rights activists and hippies to neo-cons and war mongers. But I do not like how the media has turned him into the mascot for Israel bashing. Under this model, now, you either support Israel’s inhumane policies or risk being counted as a sidekick for Ahmadinejad, resurrecting the President Bush’s with us or against us rhetoric.

Thanks to Ahmadinejad a good conference to discuss racism — a serious issue — was turned into a media love fest where the Israeli narrative went unquestioned. Although no country is perfect, no other country can have it both ways as Israel does — an oasis of democracy that has institutionalized racism and is beyond reproach. Israel does struggle with racism — Sephardic Jews make less money and have lower levels of education than the European Jews; Russian Jews’ bona fides are questioned; Ethiopian Jews are treated with skepticism; and yes, Arab citizens of Israel are viewed as traitors and treated as second class citizens. Unfortunately, the Western counties do not see any of that, and accept the Israeli narrative of how anti-Semitism is the root of all evil–but can the death of 1500 Palestinians (Semitic people) in Gaza recently be condemned as anti-Semitic behavior?

Obviously European and American leadership chose not to lead on the issues of racism because they do not have much to offer on the subject. After all, given their history of racism, colonialism, and imperialism, third world countries have plenty to say on those subjects. But Europeans and Americans who perfected the art of slavery chose to be no-shows and not to take part in the conference on racism. The old boys club avoided the guilt trip and opted out and instead chose to defend one of their own, Israel — a European colonial settler state. Unfortunately those who had hoped to talk about their experience with racism — much like Candidate Obama did in his much hailed Philadelphia speech — were denied a forum.

I think the president of Iran was wrong regarding Israel and its people, even though what he said is on par with what some of the new members of the Israeli government have said about Ethiopian Jews. Although there are many justified criticisms of the Israel’s discriminatory policies, it’s not helpful to have Ahmadinejad point them out. However, I think he would have done better to avoid the anti-Israel rant and talk about racism and prejudice suffered by blacks and North Africans in countries like France and South Asians in the United Kingdom.

It seems to me that the West is much harsher on those that criticize Israel, but look the other way when Israel carries out an offensive and innocents are killed by the scores. Having said that, the West usually make things right and I just hope that in the Palestinian case it does not take too much more time.

Most of the forty Western diplomats who walked out accused Ahmadinejad of incitement against Israel come from the same group of countries either carried out the racist Holocaust, financed or failed to stop it. Yet serving another slice of hypocrisy pie by condemning those who are too weak and too dysfunctional to do harm to Israel of being insensitive. I am left with one unanswered question, why did none of those “courageous ” diplomats walk out during the UN meetings in the days leading to the Iraq war in 2003?

Ref: Huffington post

24 Responses

  1. Your wrote:

    Israel does struggle with racism — Sephardic Jews make less money and have lower levels of education than the European Jews

    My comment:

    First we need to agree what the word racism mean. It has nothing to do with someone earning more money than others. It has to do with someone being denied of basic human rights because of his/her colors. In Israel people from 140 different nationals enjoy the same basic human rights, freedom to express them self against Zionism is included.

  2. Ivar,

    First of all you need to RELEARN Ivar. Yes, it´s back to school but then again, maybe you are already in school?
    Racism is about one person believe that he/she is better than the other person because of biology, culture, class aso. THIS leads to a number of practices as discrimination, hatred, violence, apartheid, lower earning for same job aso. THIS IS BASIC. Why do you not know this? Please, reeducate yourself. NOW!

    Human rights were created to make sure that this kind of ideology and practices are fought at the very core of it by giving all humans the same rights. Now I would love to discuss the “whiteness” and western thoughts that comes with this but let´s turn to ISRAHELL instead.

    These 140 different nationals – who are they? Jews from around the world “returning/invading” Israel? Did you know that Israel keep sending Sudanese refugees back. Their holocaust/suffering is not relevant in Israel as Israel is occupied with only their own suffering. And funny you say this about expressing freedom, just this year forces in ISRAHELL wanted to deny some israeli citizens their BASIC RIGHT to vote. Oh, that´s not bad for you “only” democracy in M.E. And from a human rights perspective that is nothing else than… APARTHIED.
    And let´s talk about the Ethiopian jews shall we? *hahha* Or maybe not since Zionists as you Ivar are not adjusted to the reality. A reality were Israelis are racist externally AND internally. Your image of the “chosen people” to support never mind how many they kill, or how many houses they destroy or how many HUMAN RIGHTS declarations they violate.

    No, you know as well as I do that ISRAHELL is not the country of same human rights for people and its citizen. It´s a country built on RACISM and in every instance of the state is reproducing this RACISM.

    By supporting this state, this racist ideology and in your words make the reality that kills, discriminate, ethnically cleanses so many (non white, christian) lives in Palestine and Israel makes you a RACIST.

    Now, why are you a racist Ivar?
    Why do you believe that some people are better than others because of “biology” or/and culture?
    Why do you support that human rights do not apply to everyone in Israel? Is that the voice of
    your master? Are you so blind in your love for Israel that human rights do not matter? Or maybe
    you are a racist that believe that human rights only applies to “white” people and israelis?

    Oh, by the way I DID NOT WRITE THIS POST.
    See the link at the bottom. Ref = Reference. Click on it!


  3. Ivar,

    Plz, let me help you with your first “RE-LEARNING” about human rights in ISRAHELL. And plz, do tell your other racist zionist friends, your family and everyone you meet and talk to. We really need to make human rights come alive in ISRAHELL! Thanx…

    According to the June 2007 Democracy Index of the Israel Democracy Institute, for example, only half the public believes that Jews and Arabs must have full equal rights.

    Among Jewish respondents, 55 percent support the idea that the state should encourage Arab emigration from Israel and 78 percent oppose the inclusion of Arab political parties in the government. According to a Haifa University study, 74 percent of Jewish youths in Israel think that Arabs are “unclean.”

    From 1948 until 1966, Palestinians inside Israel were subject to military law, while Jews lived under civilian law. During that time, 66 percent of Arab-owned land was confiscated. In 1947, Jews owned 6.7 percent while Palestinians held the rest. Today, Israeli Palestinians, 20 percent of the population, own 2.5 percent of the land

    There is so much of this information.
    Just let me know when you need more.
    Maybe you should even post this on your own blog.
    Please do Ivar.
    Spread the light not the hate.

  4. Yes, I have white skin, and I have been married to a black colored Indian girl for 14 years. To claim that I am a racist, is well off target. Back to Israel: Any Jew who are forced to leave any nation because He is Jewish, are welcomed to stay in Israel. Basically, He will have no other place to go. Why is it, that Arab brothers do not invite each other? The Arab nations have enough space and plenty of oil money. They control a land mass that is 600 times bigger than Israel, and still they want to destroy and genocide the Jewish people in tiny Israel? The state of Israel is the homeland for 5,5 million Jewish people. Still two million Israeli Arabs live inside Israel, in peace, democracy and harmony. Only Arabs who hate Israel, and want to destroy Israel live in misery. Open your eyes and your heart to the truth.

    • Ivar,

      To claim that just because you are married to an Indian girl for 14 years ensures that you are not a racist is absurd. Does that give you an alibi to hate others?
      Just look at the Israelis. Jews were victims of racism in EUROPE and now the state that celebrates this memory is itself committing racism and hate murder sagain and again…

      From where are jews FORCED to leave their nation?
      And why are some many jews still in their homeland (where they were born & live)?
      And why are so many jews emigrating FROM Israel back to their homeland or other countries?
      And isn´t it strange that Palestinians can not return to THEIR HOMELAND which nowdays are
      incorporated in the state of Israel? So much Ivar for your basic human rights.

      Why should Jordan “invite” pal:s? They have no connection to that land? They have lived centuries on centuries in Palestine. That´s their home. Just because israelis have ethnically cleansed them for their homes does not mean that the relation stop existing. And why should not the “white” brothers, the countries that supported the colonialist creation of Israel, invite jews? Afterall, it is in these countries that anti-semitism was born and now they should embrace the nation they have hated as a token of their “richness” in development and human rights. And these countries also need humans since their fertility rates are low.

      No the israeli arabs do not live in peace, harmony and democracy.
      You know this. Why do you state lies. Didn´t you mom tell you that such a behavior is bad Ivar?
      Well, let me tell you. Shame on you for lying Ivar. Shame!

      Now, close your eyes for the hatred your reproduce and when you open them let it be for the truth.
      Welcome to ISRAHELL.
      And welcome to fight it!
      Thanx for joining Ivar.


  5. But Ivar not only do you have WHITE SKIN but you also are an messanic ZIONIST. You probably believe that when the israeli jews have erased the last Palestinian and the al-Alska mosk – Jesus will return and you will get to heaven.

    Additionally you are an ISLAMOFO which renders your into the typical white european zionist islam racist. I bet you are middle age as well. Unemployed?

    = a small small BIG man with no importance but find meaning in live by hating the Other. how very 1932! As you say Ivar, history repeats itself. And you have chosen your line to stand behind.


  6. Dear Antievil.

    Messianic people who believe in Yeshua, do not out their trust in this World. We believe in the Eternal Kingdom, who belongs to those who are called by Him to forgive each other. Even our enemies.

    Yeshua also told me to love and care for people like you.

    And by the way. Saddam was not hanged by the Americans. He was hanged by his own people….

  7. You are wrong in regards to racism. In South African, a small white minority of less than 200.000 people, ruled over millions of black people. They were denied basic human right because they were black. Israel does not deny anyone their basic human right. The Jewish people are also very colorful.

    The Jewish people need a homeland, and their homeland is the state of Israel. The majority of the Arab Israelis cant think of a better place to live in the Middle East than Israel. Why? Because, when they put down their guns, the God of the Bible started to bless them. They live in peace with the Jews. So should you. Put down your gun, and bless them. Do not hate anyone, because your heart gets cold.

  8. Dear Ivar,

    What are “people like me”? Enlighten me.
    We all know what people like you are (gatekeepers and defenders of the ethnic cleansing of Palestine)
    Tell me, when will your eternal kingdom come? Soon. And why will you qualify?
    And WHY oh WHY is your white God so angry, so apologetic of murder and cleansing
    when it comes to Israelis?

    Ivar, are you maybe an orthodox?

    Oh, and regarded Saddam – who placed those people in the court? Oh, yes USA. Since you seem to be a bit “selective” with your understanding of racism let me also add another word for you to enlighten yourself with – IMPERIALISM. Internalized racism.

    And also, I bet you also find it very curious how Saddam was the best friend of “white west” for so many years. Did your beloved Israel support him with gas as well?

    Ivar, your hatred has already made you cold.
    I don´t even think a sauna would do it for you.
    But please, try hard so incorporate reality, empathy, history and
    compassion. Your hatred for muslims makes you a racist. Try to work extra hard with that which your harbour.

    Good luck!
    I am cheering on you!
    Yes, you can do it!


  9. Ivar,

    Am I correct to believe that you claim that RACISM only have existed in South Africa during the apartheid regime?

    Oh, I must even enlighten you on this it seems. Maybe you though should consider of going back to the secular world and read some books in the near future. What made South Africa special is that they INTERNALISED RACISM into the very state and applied GEOGRAPHIC differances among it´s inhabitance. A structure which benefited the white. USA had the same system upto 1960. Where you there? Did you enjoy it?

    Now, Israhell and South Africa were and are still good friends. The system that Israhell have in place in the West Bank is APARTHIED! Why do you support that?
    Why do you think that some people have the right to hate another people and to limit their lives?
    Is this your God speaking Ivar?
    Are you sure it is your God and not the Devil?!

    The jewish people do NOT need a homeland. Many jews are well integrated actually they are a part of their nations. More jews LIVE in peace outside Israhell than inside. And just the IDEA of creating a state upon other people present is COLONIALISM. This ideology of transporting one people in and another out ZIONISM is a racist ideology.


  10. Dear Antievil

    Since two million Israeli Arabs already live in peace and prosperity, why do you want to deny the same to the people who live in the so-called West Bank? If they can admit that Islam do not even mention Jerusalem once, and recognize Israel, that will be the end of their misery. The reason Israel have to put in place travel restrictions east, north and south of Jerusalem, was the constant inflow of suicide bombers.

    I love Muslims. From the bottom of my heart I wish they could see what I am trying to explain to you.

    • Ivar Ivar,

      Two million Israeli Arabs already DO NOT live in peace and prosperity. Only in your dreams. They live in stae discrimination, unemployment and Israeli rasism. Yes, it´s true and you know it as well.

      What do you mean by “so-called West Bank”?
      And again, explain to me why they should admit what you “the great white christian man” tells them to do? Are they your slaves? They are the israelis slaves yes but have you also become the master?

      Jersualem belongs to palestine aswell.
      They have every right to the city and will always be a part of that city.
      Sorry, but your God will not come yet…

      Oh, so you do acknowledge that they live in misery which Israelis inflict upon them. Oh, for being a blind hateful zionist this is big. Israel creates misery upon people. Thanx Ivar for acknowledging the truth a little bit atleast.

      Who would EVER acknowledge anyone that wants to erase you, your family and your history? Would you?
      Arafat acknowledged Israel – loook what happened?

      Ivar, now I really need you to explain to me about these travel restrictions you talk about. Are they the road blocks? Look at this map and tell me again about their relations to Jerusalem.

      And so the suicide bombers.
      What are they a reaction to? Colonialism? House demolitions and ethical cleansing? Lack of water? All all of the above mentioned? Israhell have MURDER so many more humans in state terrorist attacks. Suicide bombers are a reaction to that.

      You do not love muslims – you are a zionistic islamofob!
      You have no heart but an empty place.
      And you underline that very well by harbouring in your last sentence that you come with the truth and the only thing the Other has to do is to see your vision. How very colonial you are Ivar.

      You start to sound more like an old missionary!
      Out on a mission to enlighten the Other/world about the greatness that only you can see.

      I am not here to explain anything for you. I am here to make sure that your claims of hatred and Zionism will not be unanswered.
      So do not try that with me. I am not below you Ivar!


  11. You are funny Ivar.
    You claim that “Arab Israelis cant think of a better place to live in the Middle East than Israhell”.

    Well, you have of course no other analysis right? That´s the problem with Zionism and fundamental religions – you are blind to reality.

    Let me therefor offer one which you would never see in your blind hatred. Because of the NEO APARTHEID that Israhell have imposed on the ILLEGAL OCCUPATION of the west bank who ever would like to live there. In suffocation, in less water, in no mobility, in hatred, in israhell violence? Would you even if you brought your bible Ivar? No, I thought so!

    The day Israhell puts down it weapons and returns back to 1948 borders is the day Palestine gets a chance to live normally.

    And Ivar, you claim atleast to cherish human rights. Did you that it is
    LEGAL to bear weapons upon the force that OCCUPIES YOU. So you “evil” PLO and normal palestinians that fight for their life, culture, home, nation and future are not ILLEGAL. They are not even TERRORISTS. Now, what makes that Israhell?



  12. Ivar,

    Here is the reality of your “travel restrictions” saving Jerusalem from the revenge/aftermath of oppression. Oh, and the guy is jewish/israeli. Yes, the people you are out to service. And yes, there are some very brave and clear minded israelis that do not want be part of the state that OPPRESSES and treats Palestinians as slaves.
    Welcome to ISRAHELL!

  13. Antievil. You have to chill out…. I am your friend….Can you?

  14. Dear Ivar, are you feeling threatened?
    Obvious that is not my attempt here.

    No, we are not friends.
    With friends like you – who at all needs enemies, human rights and
    international law.

    But we do not need to be friends to show respect and acknowledge
    for each other, others and the truth.


  15. Dear Antievil.

    Our heart turns cold when we hate someone.

    The Jewish Messiah, came and said: «Love one another». That includes you, my friend. Yes, we need to be friends to be able to respect and acknowledge each other. I am deeply concerned about you and your people. I hope you can live in peace with the Jewish people, and prosper like the them. I am not Jewish, but I have Jewish friends. I also have Muslim friends. One of them frequently gives me transport when I am in need of such. You have to be able to listen to my viewpoints, and still being able to love me.

  16. Dear dear Ivar.

    Who am I?
    And who is my “people”?
    Are we are tribe that haven´t seen the light?
    Your light?

    Your kind “concern” I am assure that Palestine would actually be better of without. You concern is not of them but of keeping criticism of Israel at bay. You want Jerusalem to be totally ethnically cleansed so that Jesus can come back according to your faith. In your world there is not guilt, no reasons, no fault only bad bad evil Muslims.

    You speak of “love” but you are one eyed sighted and stuck in your “whiteness”. I am soo soo happy that you have jewish friends AND muslim friends out of which one seems to be your driver. I just have friends since ethnicity and religion does not matter to me.

    No Ivar, I do not have to love and be friends with a white zionist missonary with clear racist positioning. Your position here is so revealing of people like you. Palestine have to acknowledge the very state that have done nothing eles the last 60 years than destorying them. Why do you demand that I should still be able to love you? That must be the ultimate colonial thing – oppressing and the next second demanding that the people you treat like slaves shall love you.
    What ever does LOVE mean to you Ivar?

    I however will listen to you and by that acknowledge that their is not one truth but many versions of it. And you need to do the same for me. I do not want you love or your friendship but your courtesy to behave normally, avoid at the best of your ability racism and keep to facts that you can prove.

    The jewish messiah that spoke Armenian and got betrayed by another jew said a lot of good things out of which you do not seem to harbour many. You speak of “love” but show no love for the Other. You speak from above, like you have been enlightened just as the white men 200 years before you have done while killing the Other. You claim not to be a racist and yet every argument you have made is based on a view of difference.

    Ivar, for me I could care less that you think the bible is the book of law that applies to everyone. You seem not be able to follow the simplest and most important message of Jesus ” Love the next one”. Which is understandable since being zionist is about excluding and deniying other people rights, human value, land, water, love and future.

    You either need new friends or a detox.
    Have a splendid day Ivar!


  17. Oh Ivar, when you have time I would really really LOVE if you could come back to me regarding my questions in your dicussions.

    For example you claim to know who I am. And my people? So who am I and who are my people?
    And also the “travel restrictions” that you mentioned being about stopping “terrorists” while the map/reality shows something complete different. And then you have our claim about the Iranian president aso…

    Be a sport Ivar and confirm your zionist argument with facts so that I know that you are not lying. That is what Jesus, the jewish messiah, would do!

    Now I am gonna chill out in the sun.


  18. Ivar now you make me laugh.

    You are the one with conditions. Please re-read your own comments.
    I am not a “sinner”. Only in your twisted mind.
    In my mind you are what you say you are – a Zionist!
    And that position is NOT about loving. Why oh why do you think you are so enlightened? So worthy of listening to? So equiped with LOVE to spread and give? Did the jewish messiah tell you so?

    I live in love.
    I love.
    And I spread love.
    But I do not demand love.
    Why do you? Is it soo lonely hating Muslims and wanting to erase the Palestinians for their own country?

    Now, this is NOT a platform for your missionary activities Ivar. Too many people have died because of the white man´s preaching “love” while stealing and murdering. Step aside from that history if you want to spread love if not that is another positioning you are make Ivar! How difficult it seems to be to really love as the enlightened white man you are.

    Instead redirect your energy to answer my questions. If you can not – then please read more of the postings on this blog and enlighten that dark core of yours.


  19. This might surprise you….You are right. Men commit mistakes. Both white and black, Jews and Arabs, Muslims and Christians. Thats why we need love.

    Israel do commit mistakes. And so do you.

    This was the reason why the most famous Jew had to come to Jerusalem and die for our sins. Your sins, my sins and the sins of his own people, the Jews. He did so out of pure love for all of us.

    Do you understand what I am trying to tell you?

    Please love me. Please love Israel, and the Jewish people. I do love you, even when you express that you hate people like me….

    I wish you all the best. Sincerely.

  20. Ivar,

    While Gaza was bombed enlightened people like you was not only justifying that slaughter but supporting it – Nothing surprises me any more.

    Was Jesus really a famous jew in his time?
    Did he walk around and say “hey, I am a jew”?
    Or do people like you emphasis this time and time again?

    No Israel do not commit mistakes!!!
    The shoah they are committing is well planed. Just look at the settlements and how they are supported, funded and organized for the last 15 years!
    Please enlighten yourself about this Ivar!
    Let me help you understand the real issue here.

    Now, again you talk about me and “my people”.
    Still, what is my people? Who am I to you.
    And where did I express that I hated you?

    “Do you understand what I am trying to tell you?”
    Again Ivar, you need to look up. I am NOT below you. I am not stupid you – in fact I might just be more generally educated that you and surely in this issue! Just because you try to set the terms do not mean that I will follow.
    Now do you understand what I am staying?

    Is it so hard to be a white missonary that you now DEMAND that the Other must love you. No, I will not love you Ivar. That´s not how love works. That is how pitty works. I will give you my respect and acknowledgment if you deserve it. Do you? But I treat every person with dignity first like I would like people to treat me.

    I do not hate jewish people. How can I? That would be racist.
    I think however that Israelis in one way or the other are a part of a state that colonialises and commits terrorism against Palestinians. That´s why I call that country ISRAHELL!
    And there is NO way one can love a country that has it as its state ideology to erase another nation. Please Ivar, realize this and take part in changing Israel for the better – not the worse as you are doing now.
    Please Ivar – do not only see the light but embrace it – STAND UP FOR PALESTINE!
    Please, that´s what Jesus would do.
    He is not for hating, colonialism or killing but for love of your next.
    Israel is committing hatred every day!
    Every day.
    Gaza is still bleeding…

    Now, I still am waiting for you to clear some of the issues that you have used as arguments but now clearfied. So for the third time, I am waiting for you Ivar to explain what you mean.

    Until then, disfruta el dia…


  21. You wrote:

    Was Jesus really a famous Jew in his time?

    My comment:

    The Bible says Jesus was from the family line of king David, from the tribe of Judah, one of the 12 sons of the Israel. (First called Jacob).

    You wrote:

    Did he walk around and say “hey, I am a Jew”?

    My comment:

    The Bible says Jesus claimed to be a servant of God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel. (first called Jacob). He was born by a Jewish mother, and was raised in a Jewish family. They were all Torah observers, living a life in obedience to the Laws of Judaism.

    You wrote:

    STAND UP FOR PALESTINE! Please, that´s what Jesus would do.

    My comment:

    Jesus has already blessed «Palestine». Its divided into two states. One is the state of Israel, and the other is the Kingdom of Jordan. The sons of Ishmael has also been blessed by the Jewish Messiah. They are today Arab nations, which all can be pretty well of if they stop their hate towards the state of Israel and the Jewish people, and deal fairly with their own people.

    You wrote:

    No, I will not love you Ivar.

    My comment:

    Still I will love you, and pray for you.

  22. Ivar,

    Your love is worth shit and so is your prayer.
    But of course you do not pray for me. How could you?
    Your words are carriers of hatred and ignorance.
    Of whiteness and Zionism.
    Hand in hand.

    The comment “the famous jew” is socially created terms by people who wants to emphasize ethnicity. Jesus did not walk around thinking of himself as a “jew”. Who does that? Oh, yeah, of course people like you do which divide the world into “Good” (white, christians and jewish) and “Bad” (muslims, non christians).

    Did Jesus divide Palestine into two states?
    Oh, is Jesus UN now days? Straaange…

    And isn´t the Arab countries well of? Dubai, Saudi…
    They have no hostility towards Israel nowdays. Are you at all familiar with today development? Or are you stuck in your bible as the fundamentalist you are Ivar? How sad. Sorry, I don´t have time to bring you up to date with the latest devlopment. You as Isarhell LOVE to have the Other. Actually your whole positioning is dependent on the Other as bad, less developed and hateful. This excuses all “flaws” that you have and practice (murder, hate, propaganda, whiteness, racisim, facism aso).

    No, Ivar no is the time for you to hit the books.
    Or emigrate to you the country of your masters and live the dream of Zionist. This way you even might be able to see the people which you hate and think you are enlighten enough by your white God to master.

    Our conversation has ended.
    One day you will be held accountable for taking part in supporting SHOAH of the Palestine people as all white racist slowly are losing ground in a changing world.
    Cling to your bible Ivar.
    That´s all you got in the dark room you live in.
    And when it´s too cold and lonley use it to make a fire
    to warmth yourself with.
    Or not, who cares?

    And keep supporting that GREAT Norwegian state that is strong enough to STAND UP against zionism! Your taxes is doing what you should be doing.
    Poetic justice?

    Enjoy your darkness, while you can…
    Have a great time!


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